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Osteopathic Medical Centre

Palmerston North’s Finest Osteopath Clinic

Do you need an Osteopath or a specially trained Nutritionist? Osteopathic Medical Centre is here to help! Through experience and dedication you will receive a friendly service, and effective treatment for everyone from infants to seniors. Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer, as well as at least some of the autoimmune diseases by visiting the Osteopathic Medical Centre.
Experienced osteopath showing joints in human spine

Registered and Experienced

We’re fully committed to experienced and professional osteopathic services. Over 34 years of clinical experience brings detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of osteopathic and nutritional science. A wide variety of conditions are dealt with including muscular and spinal issues such as whiplash, and lifestyle and nutritional strategies diminish the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. ACC, private insurance and referrals are accepted.

Let Food be Your Medicine

Food isn’t something to be afraid of – nutrition is actually one of the most important factors in the way your body functions and operates. 

Osteopathic Medical Centre can help you understand the inner workings of your body, muscular system and diet for a more wholesome and holistic approach to health.


Adults - $60
Children - $50
ACC assisted - $30
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